September 23, 2004

Zeppelin rides. In Switzerland. "The Swiss limited company operates large airships for passenger rides, advertising and as sensor platforms. Scheduled airship passenger rides start from the home base at Buochs/Ennetb├╝rgen close to Lucerne."

Additionally, one of the new Zep NTs was flown to Japan over the summer. It's not clear if it will be used as a tourist attraction or more as an advertising platform by the Nippon Airship Corporation. (Originally, I was gonna post this in SideDish's thread, but realized it's a post in and of itself.)

  • we can never have too many blimp posts!
  • This just goes to prove what I've been saying since middle school-- Zeppelin RULES!
  • Great -- now I'm hungry.
  • Well, S_D, in that case you may appreciate a poster I once made.. Also, you might enjoy my "Blimp Week" category archives. Also, everything I've posted does not cover everything I have come across of interest... such as two games wherein you may choose to pilot zeps of varying vintage, and other such patheticisms. It's like SF-nerd gadget love, but in temporal reverse!
  • Great poster, mwhybark! And interesting links, too -- thanks.
  • gawrsh! thanks, bees!
  • Ahhh yes. One step closer in my plans to conquer Britain. *Rubs hands while tweaking giant wax mustache* (On a totally more serious note, while I love the idea of using blimbs and/or zepplins as floating security platforms, I believe it has been proven again and again that the cost/benefit ratio is simply too high for anything practical.)
  • Mwhybark: You found games and didn't post the linkies? Fer shame! Neat post.
  • This has to be the coincs of all coincs. Mwhybark: I have been searching for a definitive book of WWI lighter-than-air craft. Do you know of a good one? And do you know of a book that has good dirigible layout/drawings, similar to those cut-aways like the space shuttle? Actually, do you know of a book that is good reference material for dirigibles? If I have ONE more employee direct me to a book on hot air balloons, I'm going to snap I swear.
  • Monkeys: I will collate and respond in a new thread. Or a series. BlogRot, in order: not exactly; at least one, possibly more (there are even a few HTMLized aeronautics texts from preWWII out there); yes. I promise to cover this in follow up this week.