September 18, 2004

All Hail the Iron Penis! Taiwanese Kungfu Master Tu Jin-Sheng is famous for pulling heavy objects with his...talent. He's not only gifted, he's my neighbor. Ironically, SFW.
  • That is awesome. I must remember to check out this guy's class when I visit Taiwan in November. TSS: Is the noodle house downstairs any good?
  • kenshin: I haven't tried it, but it is pretty popular.
  • He's a genius, of course. The multi-assembleable tool/weapon/thingy is alone a work of absolute brilliance. Towing things with your Tadger isn't all that odd, if you think about it (well, okay.. yes it is). People train their muscles to become massive and powerful all the time, and the Tockley is of course mostly gristle & muscle. Naturally one can make it get stronger. hehe. And then I invent helicopter fcuk!
  • Better sex is never odd! it is pretty popular Thanks. Popular = good ... am so going.
  • Not for Men Only? How does that work?