September 17, 2004 and the Turkmenbashi cult. For those in the know, and those who don't even want to know, here it is.

Have these been posted before? If so, please kill me. I searched, I promise. "The golden likeness of the former communist party boss-turned-dictator is in the center of the capitol, always rotating to face the sun." This guy is a bad man. A very bad man. And humour is definitely the only way to apply sanction. Holocene stratovolcano!!

  • Who can say what links are on the old bashi thread [1178] with any certainty, Nostril? Not I. And searching through all the links on it would be very time-consuming. For sure, neither of 'em is on the new thread [4446]. Bashi is a badmash and a proper old stinker, no matter which link you use.
  • Well, you see, bees, old mate old chum old mucker, matey, skip, me' ol' china, the search option gives one the .. option .. to search _within_ thread comments. So I could find it if 'twere there. I did so! Nothing came up. Which is odd, considering these two links are on the first page of a google search for 'turkmenbashi' - I truly expected YOU to have posted these, and to get a sound thrashing from tracicle for being redundant (hoping, more like.. it's that supercilious look she has in that piccie on her blog.. gives me the horn.. she's very sexy..) anyway.. could be the search option is kaput on that level of detail, but me doubts it. Anyway, I'm drunk! HI! I'm gonna start trying to say Holocene stratovolcano three times fast, soon, just to show 'em. To prove that I am a man of my word and rather mental. My brain is burned out arguing with these keyboard-jockeys. Make me laugh, my old mucka. Make me laugh!
  • peeks in, leaves quietly
  • ...
  • Nostril, old cock, tis easy to see you're half-seas over...would that I were, too! I daresay you are right, but some of the links on the old thread are indicated by only an asterisk within the thread. Would those show up on a Google search? Note: we seem to have given SideDish, whom I gather is a journalist, cause to regard us an Item. I don't care if you don't. Love and kisses, bees
  • Hmm. A bee up your nostril sounds kinda painful. Maybe that's what SideDish was running from. Ah, bees, the subjunctive is a lovely touch. Now I'll be humming the Londonderry Air for a while.
  • It's all good. Some of my best friends are gay drunken bee-loving Turkmeni fortune-tellers with unaccountable nasal... ummm...
  • did you just call him "old cock"? christ, how high am i?
  • Dude, I just drank, like, two cups of coffee... real fast !