September 15, 2004

Inside the fur bus.
  • And here I thought this was going to be NSFW. Very... colorful!
  • That is the COOLEST thing EVER!!!!!!
  • Are these pictures of the same bus or different buses? They are different buses right? I think this is wild, I like it.
  • When a unitard climbs on a bus, does s/he become a bustard?
  • I was going to say this was exactly the kind of bus I would want, but after seeing this, I wouldn't want anyone to get the wrong idea.
  • I shudder to think of the static electricty you could generate in that thing.
  • Leopard-print barcalounger. I wantssss it. (golden glitter electric neon shag-carpeted bananas for SideDish)
  • Wow. Just wow.
  • I want to see the outside of the fur bus. Does it look like a regular school bus? Can you imagine pulling up to a junior high school in one of these things.
  • Oh, way to go, Side, I'm gonna have nightmares for weeks!
  • Looks like a pimp's closet exploded in there.
  • Oh, no, NOT asploding pimp closets! *paroxysms, helpless howlings*
  • That is incredible. And I thought the Catbus from Tonari no Totoro was neat...
  • Tinfoil Sorting Hat wins.
  • Truuuuly truly truly outrageous! showing my (low) age. I don't care. Oh, it's for rent! That's it. Road trip.
  • Think of all the poor fake animals that died to decorate that bus.
  • And yet in the third world, there are desperate shortages of brightly-coloured fur. The selfishness and waste on display here is sickening. Please, people. It might be a cushion cover, a novelty throw, or a rug; it could be something as big as a bus, or as simple as a posing pouch. But whatever you give, please, give what you can. THIS WAS AN ANNOUNCEMENT ON BEHALF OF FURRED WORLD (A REGISTERED CHARITY).
  • For some reason, I'm hearing "Can You Picture That?" by Doctor Teeth and the Electric Mayhem playing through my brain...
  • This bus is what I expect the inside of the small intestine to look like.
  • Awww Yeah! Wooooooooo! Everybody's lover, everybody's brother, I wanna be your lifetime friend! Crazy as a rocket, nothin in my pocket, I keep it at the rainbow's end! I never think of money, I think of milk 'n honey, grinnin' like a Cheshire Cat! I focus on the pleasure, somethin' I can treasure, can you picture that? Can you picture that? 8-D
  • I have seen the fur bus in real life, but only from a distance of 6 stories. I was chatting with a friend in midtown Atlanta ealier this year when I couldn't help but notice a bus full of shrieking drunk people that kept driving around our block. When I commented on it, my dear friend informed me it was the fur bus. And now, thanks to SideDish, I can see its furry innards.
    The fur bus must be a bit mangy the morning after, doncha think?