September 07, 2004

News Limited and Political Power There's an election going on, and it's not his or his. But could it belong to this bloke? Disclaimer: found here

I wanted my first FPP to be non-partisan, cheery, beautiful... shucks...

  • Murdoch wants to die (many years on) with his boots on his feet, several screens of his own programs from around the world in front of him, a newspaper in one hand, and a mouse racing through his Internet world in the other. Of all of those things, only his death is assured. The current wave of radical neoconservatism is fast reaching its expiry date.
  • tensor, sorry -- no it isn't.
  • OK, fine, it won't fully die but will be relegated to niches like talk radio, non-basic cable channels, and cliquish websites. War and hate cannot remain (un)popular forever; they are their own counter-arguments. </polyanna>
  • Rupert's death is guaranteed, sure, but he's always got his son, Lachlan, who's Deputy Chief Operating Officer of News Ltd. and poised to step in once Rupert bites the dust. PS: gotsta love mediawatch
  • *clicks on Media Watch, finds story on this bloke, recalls him as a friendly fellow to play pool with at the local cricket club* I also wrote an extremely terse letter to The Australian on this very matter. To my great astonishment, they printed it.
  • Yes, young Lachie... weaseled his way out of the OneTel fiasco, didn't he... (Disclosure: I was a OneTel subscriber at the time) This whole business disturbs me not because it's proof of Murdoch's ambitions - it's not, really - but it's proof that News Corp. executives (even at a small-nation level like here in Australia) firmly believe they should have those ambitions. I can't say the same for Fox or other News Corp. entities, of course...
  • Aussie-enthusiasts crave MORE! Just as things get really rolling, you guys go to bed -- and leave us wondering wot you said! North American nincompoop
  • Art imitates life once again.
  • Wolof, I think the penny has dropped. I forgot to ask which Monkey you were.