September 04, 2004

Hurricane Blogging

Good luck and best wishes and everything else, the_bone

  • Just don't go surfing.
  • Scary. Good luck indeed.
  • Prediction: By 2008, Florida will be threatened by Hurricane Blogger.
  • Good luck, man, and any other Hurricane Monkeys - just remember, that bit where the wind stops and it all goes eerily quiet... that is not the time to shout "we made it!" and run around joyfully outside.
  • I got a little leftover of Hurrican Andrew down in Norfolk VA not tooo long ago and it was pretty scary, as in drown-your-car scary, not wreck-your-entire-life scary, but still.
  • good luck we're all counting on you.
  • Thanks, all! Not too bad right now... I'm without power, but that's not too horrible. Gonna post one more update and then try to get some sleep. Y'all are my dawgs.
  • I was rather regretting not having a laptop during my first cyclone earlier this year. I think I need to get one for cyclone season 2005. Now how do I break this realisation of needing a laptop as part of our cyclone preparation pack to my partner? Good luck, I hope to see frequent posts from The Bone.
  • My lazy, out-of-shape ass can run faster than that thing is moving. And it's one big, scary motherfucker of a storm. Between this and the events in Russia, it's a sucky week for the planet Earth. Good luck, Florida folks.
  • The worst seems to be over; and my G4 is about to shuffle off this mortal coil. Will post more later. Thanks again!
  • Glad all is well, the_bone.
  • Shoot... I've taken more pics, but can't upload them to photobucket until I resize them. Is it possible using that program to change the size of a pic from 1600 pixels wide to, say 300 or so?
  • if you want to email them to me, I'll stick them up (and resize them for you and stuff)
  • Que?
  • The links on the page are in English - it's more hurricane blogs.
  • Ah. Thanks. Like most Americans, I can't speak foreign languages and view those who do with suspicion.
  • Frances, like Lenny back in '99 just sat almost still for a couple of days. My girlfriend and I were caught in a time share on St. Maarten for those days, listening to radio reports of roofs being blown off. And slowly but surely retreating from the extremities of the house 'til we were huddled under the kitchen sink during the worst of it, holding each other and the bottle of scotch we'd bought a few days before, hoping we wouldn't die. Fun shit. Here's hoping Ivan doesn't come in like gangbusters on ya too, Bone.
  • Yeah, I'm going to leave the shutters and so forth up through the weekend just in case Hurricane Dirty Communist gets all gulag on me. Even with electricity out for the last few days I had a much easier time with Frances then you did with Lenny. Yuck.
  • Well, isn't that special. /Church Lady voice the_bone, and you live in Florida.........because.........why?????? kidding;)
  • Darshon: I frequently ask myself the same question.