August 29, 2004

Michael Ledeen described as a "close friend" of Larry Franklin Franklin is the Pentagon "policy wonk" at the center of an FBI investigation that's been in the news the last few days. He "may face charges, accused of divulging to Israel classified information on U.S. government plans regarding Iran". What I find noteworthy about this Newsweek article is that it quotes a close friend, Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute, sa(ying that) he believes the charges against Franklin are "nonsensical." Ledeen was deeply involved in the Iran-Contra affair and is a very prominent hawk. Some bio from Alternet.

Off to put some recycled aluminum foil on my hat.

  • Ledeen was deeply involved in the Iran-Contra affair I'll bet he's not going to vote for the candidate who uncovered Iran-Contra, then.
  • More on Ledeen from Disinfopedia: Ledeen's books include Universal Fascism, which speaks favorably of fascism as a "revolutionary movement," and Gabrielle D'Annunzio, a glowing biography of the founder of the Italian Fascist Party. ... "Now Michael Ledeen is calling for regime change beyond Iraq. In an address entitled Time to Focus on Iran -- The Mother of Modern Terrorism, for the policy forum of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) on April 30, he declared, 'the time for diplomacy is at an end; it is time for a free Iran, free Syria and free Lebanon.'
  • As soon as I saw the cite featuring the AEI quote, I wondered, "Could this be a piece penned by Michael Isikoff?" I'll be heading down to the track now, thanks very much.
  • They'll probably file charges of some sort, but nothing will ever come of it. Pity. We used to execute traitors in time of war. Now we just give them high-paying consulting jobs.
  • Or Radio Talk Shows.
  • Oh great, it's another Feith based initiative.