August 20, 2004

Time to consider moving to Alaska? - If voters pass the measure (on the November ballot), it would be legal to grow, smoke and sell any amount of marijuana so long as one is 21 years of age. Other upcoming initiatives concerning marijuana. Legal History of Marijuana Prohibition
  • Yeah, but then Greenland will declare war on Alaska, and who wants that?
  • ...among the nation's leaders in unemployment, child abuse and domestic violence. The only child abuse marijuana use causes is pot-smoking parents who feed their kids Cap'n Crunch and donuts for dinner.
  • Yeah, I saw that, too. Typical.
  • If you want a fantastic history of marijuana's legality and then illegality in America, read "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer. It is a great book, and a quick read.
  • All I know is, not even the crankiest fukker I ever knew got violent on weed. But on perfectly legal alcohol, even Walter Mitty can start slapping his missus around. And I can brew my own beer at home. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE?
  • TenaciousPettle, you may find Blood Freak or Tell Your Children. Both involve normal people doing violent and disturbing acts after a puff or two of marijuana.
  • er, you may find them amusing.
  • Plot Summary for Blood Freak (1972) A biker comes upon a girl with a flat tire, offers her a ride home. He winds up at a drug party with her sister, then follows the sister to a turkey farm owned by her father, who is a mad scientist. The father turns the biker into a giant turkey monster who goes after drug dealers. Best. Plot idea. EVER.
  • It gets better, MTC.
  • Of course, they told me in school that the maryjane was a gateway to were-turkeyism, but I never believed it...UNTIL NOW! Reefer Madness offers similar "proof", IIRC. *lusts after the Something Weird Video catalog of dvds...*
  • But on perfectly legal alcohol, even Walter Mitty can start slapping his missus around.
    Oddly enough, while I have a fairly aggressive temper normally, the more I drink, the more mellow and affectionate I become, right up until when I fall asleep.
  • proof of marijuana's evil influence, that is, not anthropomorphic gobblers Shawnj, it looks like your movie tastes and mine are similar. On a related "trip", I recently saw this gem after raiding a friend's dvd collection. Not mj, but does prove that Satan was an acid-head, and you should never eat meat-pies you bought from the kid from Family Affair.
  • That something weird video link would make a fun FPP.
  • Grass is decriminalised here. That's why South Australia is the marijuana powerhouse of Oz. *puffs*