August 06, 2004

Shock 'N' Awe - A Schoolhouse Rock designed to teach children the benefits of death. (Quicktime)

And while you're over that way, check out: This commercial for Winston cigarettes, This commercial for the Legend of Zelda, and this charming commercial about learning English.

  • sloooooow loading..... Anyway, who said folk music is dead? Here's proof it's still alive, if not kicking.
  • This is great. I saw the original 'Elbow Room' short for the first time since childhood last year after the invasion, and the thought of something exactly like this certainly occurred. Great post, zedediah. How long till it hits mefi? hope someone knows to use freecache....
  • doh, I mean great post shawnj. =]
  • Jesus Platypus Christ that was beautiful.
  • What shinything said.