July 27, 2004

Random Word Generator By analyising the frequency of pairs of letters in 45,402 different words it is possible to generate new words which, although, don't have any meaning are reasonably syntactically correct.

Monkeeperwooseciplibelgius, monkeyary...Happy birthday, Monkeybashi!

  • [this is gonisted]
  • Je me dresse sur mon s
  • Happlies (is almost close to being sensical) Birtheasting (even more reasonable) Trachipsyce! From, il y a deuxelectitian (which means, of course, there are two Electitians, a very honourable profession, that) and birthersigmasurna is just fun to say. Now I need to go get a character set so I can figure out what Wolof is talking about looks like.
  • I'll try it in English, then. I rise up in bed and say,
  • embiggens is such a cromulent word /simpsons
  • This is positively snarinclinabduous.
  • My day is frauthirtionoughtivial, thank you very much! Actually, that doesn't sound good. /is scruined, whary
  • Hey, I can use this to come up with new gibberish nicknames for my dog!: smashadopers, chewinish, oopers, moomson, puzzlineck, etc. Thanks.
    (For some reason, I feel like this confirms I'm Canadian...)
  • Dr. Samuel Johnson: Here it is, sir: the very cornerstone of English scholarship. This book, sir, contains every word in our beloved language. Prince Regent George: Hmm. Edmund Blackadder: Every single one, sir? Dr. Samuel Johnson: (confidently) Every single word, sir! Edmund Blackadder: (to Prince) Oh, well, in that case, sir, I hope you will not object if I also offer the Doctor my most enthusiastic contrafribblarities. Dr. Samuel Johnson: What? Edmund Blackadder: `Contrafribblarites', sir? It is a common word down our way. Dr. Samuel Johnson: Damn! (writes in the book) Edmund Blackadder: Oh, I'm sorry, sir. I'm anus-peptic, phrasmotic, even compunctious to have caused you such pericombobulation.
  • I went tercom, for I was empeted, Tedly o'er the moors I strolled, Terrabumbrated and pertot, But I remain berlborrinold. (And none of it woz wot I thought. And now my tea is growing cold.)
  • Between this and the Wordcount thread I can kissescripest my productivenessionshummunremullabetrificism goodbyeassuntl.
  • Monkeyfilter: because Monkeyfilteratenizableviliquaddimens was just too damn long. (either that or it was short for monkeyereivenessed filtersiphsoupidinachandincenta...) heehee, funny big words!
  • When Wolof's hungry, he posts in French, it seems.
  • A few a semesters back I had friend who tended to dash off essays as quickly as possible and with little proofreading. In one of these essays (on why the Special Olympics should be shut down, no less) he used the word "copial". When he got the essay back he noticed that, while all his other grammatical and syntaxical errors were corrected in bright red ink, "copial" was merely circled. He was puzzeled, both because there was no correction and because he couldn't remember writing the word, let alone what it meant. He looked in a dictionary and, failing to find it there, showed his professor the essay and asked what "copial" meant. The professor looked at him and said, "You mean, you don't know either?"