July 17, 2004

Is President Bush a Homo? Betty Bowers seems to think so.

"We at Baptists Are Saving Homosexuals have BASHed enough so-called "gays" with the blunt love of Jesus to know how to spot deviants across a crowded sale at Saks."

  • Yes.
  • Does that mean Betty has gaydar? Hmmmm! I think we may be onto something here. The game is afoot!
  • Who can say, but he looked absolutely scrumptious in that fab flight suit.
  • what a faaaaaaabulous job you did, weezel, bringing us all a faaaaaaaabulous GWB link!
  • why, Queso, you daaaah-ling! You are more than welcome, sweetcheeks! /turns slightly green, pulls wastebasket closer
  • ...And her laaaahhhvly e-greetings.... and the divine a href="http://www.bettybowers.com/ebuke.html". "Is someone you know less perfect than you in his or her lackadaisical facsimile of faith? As a True Christian, it is your responsibility to remind them of how much more the Lord dotes on you
  • He's only gay in the James Bond villian sense. He probably gets off on something involving urine.
  • During his last state of the union I was like shut up already why is your mouth still open it's like when your mouth is open because you're kissing on some gay dude, holding, like his muscles and so forth not that you're gay or nothin' but god don't you feel warm and safe in his arms and like you just want to live there forever. (Aqua Teen Hunger reference)
  • Monkeyfilter: only gay in the James Bond villian sense
  • Monkeyfilter: Monkeyfilter: only gay in the James Bond villian sense posted by Blaise Bailey Finnegan at 02:17AM UTC on July 18
  • That was so last week...
  • Shit. We need some kind of search function that finds a specific URL in the link. I never thought to search for, "this guy."
  • oh, i didn't mean to imply that this was a double post, but rather, that Weezel is just out of touch and not very cool. hope that clears it up; sorry for any misunderstanding.