July 02, 2004

A Distant Glimpse of Gurdjieff by John Shirley, who has written a new book about George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff. [Via Disinformation, which also has an article about Gurdjieff's case for ending war.]

Shirley will be giving a talk at the Bodhi Tree bookstore (8585 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles) at 7:30 PM.

  • Excellent. I didn't think there could be anything new about Gurdjieff to come out, but Shirley could bring an interesting spin to G.I.G.'s life, given his other cyberpunk/Crow/horror projects. It's times like these I wish I was in LA, and not the other side of the world. Ta for the links, homunculus.
  • Wow! Never heard about Gurdjieff. Thanks homunculus!
  • *considers Gurdjieff an old fraud, quaffs Armagnac*
  • Great links. I wish more religious leaders would be open to his ideas, or at least be willing to see the connections and parallels between different faiths and philosophies, as he taught.
  • *waits for Wolof to get drunk, picks his pocket*
  • considers Gurdjieff an old fraud Yeah, but so what- old frauds make the best teachers.
  • Great
  • Oh, and
  • I care nothing about his mystical whatsis, but the evolution of his name is interesting. As I recall, his father was a Pontic Greek name of Georgiades, living among Armenians it mutated to Gurjian, and when he went to school it got Russified to Gurjiev (which became famous in the Frenchi-fried version of Gurdjieff), which is pronounced goor-DJEE-ef in Russian. The faith stuff I leave to others.