December 14, 2003

Robots Will Kill Graffiti Gallery.

Currently contains 376 artists and 2497 images.

  • Cool idea, nice graffiti, but not as cool as Banksy's (linked on MoFi before).
  • I hadn't seen that, tracicle. You're right, that is better. (If I'd seen that thread, I'd have put this in there. Sorry)
  • Apparently I had seen Banksy's before - this is currently the background on my computer screen. I must be slowly losing my mind, or at least forgetting large amount of stuff.
  • I like the work of Cute Crimes. It's not so often that you find a grafitti artist who's, you know, nice. The work of Banksy graces my college folder.
  • I'll play the role of curmudgeon, then, and say that these are all very nice and loverly
  • but howsabout not covering every flat surface with tags? The outside of my apartment building isn't a canvas. No. Really, it's not. True, but overall, I'd prefer tagging buildings to capping peeps--though the tags lead to the caps in some gang-related instances.