June 23, 2004

Border crossings in Brooklyn. "The post-9/11 sweeps left many immigrant families without friends or money. A Pakistani Muslim and an Indian Hindu worked together to help them." Part 3 of Salon's Heroes of Freedom series.
  • It always warms my cold, dead heart to read/see stuff like this. People hold such mindless vendettas against other groups just because it has always been that way. So when people who "should" be setting each other on fire team up to do something positive, it really gives me some hope for humanity. Then I turn on a 24/7 news channel and all the happy goes away. I miss happy. (P.S. Day-pass is required, people. You just have to watch a silly ad, but it's worth it, because Salon is pretty nifty.) (P.P.S. Everyone be proud I didn't comment on the politics of the situation, though don't think I won't get wasted and come back to remedy that later!)
  • It Warmed my cold dead heart too. And speaking of Ghandi, this is interesting imaginariny dialogue between Ghandhi and Osama.
  • I want to say that this kind of post - long and thoughtful (but still readable) articles about important things I wouldn't normally hear about - is exactly the thing I like most about 'filters. (Well, that and silly flash things). Sometimes I don't have time to read, and thus to comment properly, and I imagine that many others suffer from this too, but that doesn't mean it goes unappreciated. That said, I'm off to read it now.