May 28, 2004

Mesopelagic woman with supraorbital ridge becomes compliant in linear accelerator lab - Your Monkey Task for today is to slip that phrase into everyday conversation. From Reality Carnival

I don't know why I posted this, except I love Cliff's manner of commentary on such things: "We will never meet this woman nor fully understand the true purpose of this photo and the intricate machinery behind her..." Indeed! But her antibrachia are rather inhibitory to procreative visual stimuli, Cliff.

  • This looks like it's going to be significantly more difficult than the Barnstar Subterfuge.
  • Subsequent bitwise analyses of the digital image coupled with detailed three-dimensional modeling of the subject revealed that she is in fact hot.
  • Can't I just shout "Woo!" and make a sort of thrusting-hip motion?
  • mes·o·pe·lag·ic ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mz-p-ljk, ms-) adj. Of, relating to, or living at ocean depths between about 180 and 900 meters (600 and 3,000 feet): mesopelagic organisms. So - she's, like, on a submarine?
  • So - she's, like, on a submarine? Somehow that makes her even more sexay. And I've just spent the last half hour bouncing around Reality Carnival and subjecting my IM friends to links. Thanks Nostril!
  • MonkeyFilter: Can't I just shout "Woo!" and make a sort of thrusting-hip motion?
  • Isn't that the chick from Ally McBeal and Arrested Development? And yeah, that's weird. And cool.
  • This percipient found himself perplexingly impassioned towards a imminent adjacency with the subject. (I'd hit it!)
  • certainsome1, i feel your pain. Reality Carnival is sweet. So sweet, in fact...
  • And Cliff just posted us, posting about his mesopelagic woman post. Perhaps he'll post about me posting about him posting about us posting about him. Maybe we can get an infinite regress going?