May 01, 2004

JesusChristActionFigure! With Walk-On-Water Action!
  • Caution: Quicktime!
  • Caution" Quicktime!
  • (apologies)
  • Arrgh! My work's filter blocks the site. Now I'll never find salvation!
  • I could have sworn this was a double, but I must have seen it at MeFi. It's all the class. :)
  • Dear Friends: I have since been kindly and gently informed by Wendell that this was posted on Mefi some two days ago. I am very sorry I posted it here. I am not up on MeFi these days, but should've thought to research my post more fully. Sorry! I strive to find offbeat things untouched by man or monkey, so i'm feeling a tad bit embarassed right now...
  • don't worry about it, Dizzy. Many monkeys don't read Metafilter as much these days -- me in particular -- so I'm sure this is new to a few.
  • Screw MeFi. Play in the BIG LEAGUES.
  • I seriously go on Mefi maybe once a week now, when I'm especially bored and nothing new is on Monkeyfilter. I also rather enjoyed the link, as racy as it is. hehe. Thanks Diz
  • New to me, Dizzy. Who has time to search more than one forum thorughly? Seems clear from the number of double posts on monkeyfilter we'd do better to search our own forum intensively. To expect monkeys to search other forums as well before posting an FPP seems quite unrealistic to me.
  • Now I just have the excuse to watch it again, coolness.
  • Dern, I can't load it. (Have we monkeyed with it?) (And I kind of just glance through the meffers once a day, but this place, I check it as often as I check my own blog.) Since I can't see what you're linking to, Allah action figure! (And more!)
  • ) for Dizzy and PF. I just got one so be good monkeys and share it.
  • Oh for christ's sake.. etc
  • My apologies, Diz, I do cruise several major "Filter-esque" blogs, but MonkeyFi and MetaFi are my faves (I will NOT reveal in which order), and while I do not begrudge the MonkeyHaus opening up discussion on the same links as the MetaMall, this one particular item seemed older than the two-day lag between Me and Mo threads, partly because I'd seen it days earlier elsewhere, but also I remembered MetaMatt's history going back to Y2K with Jesus Action Figures.