October 16, 2010

We bow to our feline overlords . This will entertain your cat--guaranteed he'll fall off the couch laughing! Or you could try wearing him down. Posted in response to this question because the poor shmuck can't be the only one out there with a furry fiend. (Help! Right NOW I'm being attacked by an orange hair-hacking monster!)

Some kind soul post the second link to AskMefi for the folks with the cat. I don't have an account, or a job, and I'm cheap, and I'm still pissed that languagehat voted me off the ship eons ago when they were only accepting memberships via approval from existing members. So there.

  • Posted. And I'd be glad to cover your membership fee at BigBlue. Just promise you will do as much damage there as you can. Bwahahaha.
  • Thanks, foop, but no way. I'd NEVER see daylight if I had to post over there. MoFi is just enough excitement for me, what with the poo-flinging and cockpunch. (Whatever happened to the cockpunch anyway? I want the grape flavored kind. Serve me the 32 oz. and a Pop-Tart, please!)
  • Oh, oh, look.This looks like a winner, too. Oh, heck. Fuzzy-butt here is going to have one heck of a Christmas!
  • I did it anyway, BlueHorse (check your email for the password). I repeat, bwahahaha.
  • The pressure is on. *inhales* *exhales* Must start slowly.
  • NO! Say we haven't lost BlueHorse to the others
  • Hey, I didn't sign myself up! The evil foop did the deed. I promise to only use my powers for good there and most likely will only comment in kitteh ask-mefi threads.
  • And I am totally and completely a Monkey forever. *puts aged and withered hand over feeble heart*
  • Besides, how could I every leave now that the bees is back. *wanders off to look for a pome*
  • Hey, I have dual citizenship and I'm totally... well... uh... But even without ever commenting there, the MeFi membership is worth the $5 just for being able to kill the ads and change the appearance. And mathowie did not pay me to say that.
  • You could do it BlueHorse, but just please don't do it because of Languagehat. That guy, nice as he is, wrote a long diatribe one time, comparing MoFi to Cheers, of all places... Yet I notice Foop is not only respected, powerful and fair over there, at the place that shall not be ignored nor often named... Still, he is only ONE Super Hero. Good luck with that!
  • Blue, no reason ye can't take advantage of the foop's generosity. I'll likely be here a while, and no reason ye can't visit both at will, as others do. As for the hat, he's the reason I first looked in here back in the fall of 2003. And I still enjoy reading his blog.