March 29, 2004

You have disgraced yourself/your family/your country/your employers, and now it's time for seppuku ... but please, don't call it "hari kiri", or you may have to do it twice.
  • Can I just point out Home English Home? Your story just reminded me of it.
  • Sweet article Koko. I wish I had found that when I was researching seppuku a couple of days ago. In the 47 Ronin, my copy had rather horrible subtitles but I noticed whenever they said seppuku the subtitle said hari-kiri. Of course that movie doesn't have the whimsy of this article. If you need anyone to take care of your kitten, sciurus is on the job.
  • If you must perform ritual self-disembowelment, you might as well do it right.
  • >>DON'T engage in any of the degenerate forms of seppuku that involve stabbing yourself with a paper fan: they are vulgar and a paper cut can be quite nasty. heh.
  • For a real intimate account of the act, a moving (and visceral) read is Yukio Mishima's short story Patriotism. (Mishima, if you didn't know, also committed seppuku)
  • Watch Paul Schrader's Mishima while you're at it.
  • A story, a poem, and a t shirt about seppuku. Because I've been thinking of it of late. Any volunteers for the role of kaishakunin?