March 25, 2004

White House Philosophers [Flash.]
  • Very funny ...NOT.
  • Poor homunculus. Can't seem to catch a break here on over at that other site.
  • i guess this is the wrong place to admit that i sorta enjoy fiore.
  • I sorta enjoy it.
  • Unfunny, shrill, partisan. And nothing to work with, either, which is worse. I turned it off when the "Bush" "voice" started (hey! just like I do in RL!). Hey, homunculus, how come you give that other site the good stuff? We love you, baby — throw us a bone. We will treat you right.
  • Doesn't homunculus give us lots of good stuff?
  • Fiore is always partisan, of course, but he has had bettter cartoons. I liked Jobless recovery myself (maybe because I have seen this happen - it's not just an American thing). But homunculus, you have provided us with so many terrific links - 68 in just the few months of monkeyfilter - that we all owe you thanks. Thanks.
  • Indeed, homunculus. Your posts are a treat, or threat?
  • *throws feces in all directions*
  • Yay!
  • It's raining dung. Hallelujah!
  • Good thing I have this handy feces-umbrella.
  • I just put a banana skin on my head.
  • A banana skin on your head? I reckon I need one for when I try this.
  • Sorry, I can't hear you. I've got a banana skin on my head.
  • Is this you, Wolof?
  • Yes!