March 25, 2004

Odd and Interesting Drawings [nsfw] The art of Yuko Shimizu is at times vaguely disturbing, oddly creepy, and really strange. I've lost about an hour of time better spent doing schoolwork on this site already tonight. It's very cool. Stolen from Fleshbot.
  • I'm completely hooked. Nice!
  • These are cool -- and I'm surprised, being a less-than-enthusiastic art aficionado, that I have seen some of these before, namely the "Friends" painting. Are any of these for sale as prints in mainstream stores, does anyone know? I just hate when I know I've seen something before and I don't know where.
  • I couldn't help but be reminded of Mari-chan.
  • Very beautiful - a real sense of the power of lines. She's apparently done illustrations for magasines like the New Yorker, too.