October 02, 2008

The Magician? Great design. With a carved inscription on the lines of (Jesus) Christ being a primary exponent of white magic?
  • You would have thought they'd have spent a bit more time on the inscription. It looks like the equivalent of an office worker writing 'Bob's Mug' with a sharpie on his, er, mug. Hasn't there been a fair bit of work on looking at the miracles as a series of conjuring tricks?
  • Oh, well I never, Was there ever a cat so clever As Magical Mr. Christ-ofelees?
  • See Jesus this summer on Winefreak. You'll never look at wedding beverages the same again.
  • That's just one of those promotional goblets they sell huge tropical drinks in at the off-strip casino in Vegas where Jesus "Hombre Magico" Ramirez does his act every Wednesday and Friday and twice on Saturday. I've got 7 of those in my kitchen.
  • Eight year olds, dude.
  • I think he is a great magician. A great magician does one thing, and a large group of people think that he is doing something completely different. For example, Jesus preached over and over about helping the poor, following a path of peace, and loving your neighbor. He was obviously a magician because a large group of people who follow him believe he was actually wanting the rich to get richer, in favor of war, and in favor of intolerance.
  • Take this cup away from me!
  • 'nockle's got it. Me, I think it was someone so tired of watching all those David Copperfield specials, that he first gouged out the inscription, then gouged out his eyes. Translation: Christ! (not another bloody) magician!
  • ))) for Bernockle!