March 19, 2004

Build your own model dinosaur skeleton out of chicken bones. An Apatosaurus, to be specific. See, we told you birds evolved from dinos! If you want a T. rex, that can be done, too.
  • Boys and girls, for REAL make-a-dino fun, soak yer chicken bones in vinegar first!
  • What, popsicle sticks are out of fashion? Au contraire!
  • All my chicken bones go into the stockpot. From the book (page 2): A few years ago, one of the guards at the museum where I work reported that she had just discovered a distraught little boy in our dinosaur gallery. "He was sobbing his eyes out," she told me. "Absolutely heartbroken. And when I asked him wny he was so upset, he said it was because all the dinosaurs were dead."
  • BlueHorse, that would make a Claes Oldenburg dinosaur.
  • I assume this isn't actual size...
  • I have this book. It is Very Cool.