February 06, 2008

JM's World War One Sketchbook - The images here are from a set of two World War One sketchbooks containing approximately 130 water-colour and pen and ink images which were produced by an unknown British soldier.

All we know about him are that ● he was a member of the Royal Horse and Royal Field Artillery ● he was based in France and Belgium (specifically around Ypres and Menin) between 1917-1918 ● his daughter's name was Adele ● he survived the war ● his initials were JM

  • 'Art th'urt, ole mon? Go in you blinkin turnip! Good find Hank.
  • Wow. The pictures are so alive. I love the tired nurse.
  • Awesome. I know what I'll be pawing through tonight.
  • This is excellent. You'd think the details available would be sufficient to identify the man, though I suppose Adele was a less unusual name back then.
  • These drawings by JM are reminiscent of the style of his contemporary, Donald McGill. Still, there is a hellish quality that gives a light touch to the humor illustrated in both cases, whether McGill's holidays at the shore - or JM's at the front.
  • Speaking of the humorous parts, that is... The drawings can get divergently grim when dealing with casualties.