October 19, 2007

bmovies.com! I don't normally swipe MeFi posts for here, but the awesomeness is just...just...


  • Wow. Thanks for the weekend fun!
  • thanks toolster, I've been on a real classic/b/cheesy/etc horror movie binge lately!! this may be a useful resource :)
  • oh my goooooooodness!
  • "Robot Monster" is my favorite bad movie of all time, so I'm glad to see they have it. More public domain movies available via bit torrent from here.
  • awesome. tytyty!
  • Also swiped from MeFi, see Cult Movie Theater. It's getting hammered with traffic right now, so the page may take a moment to load.
  • b movies is an excellent site Cult Movie theatre looks pretty swell, too
  • I have a lot of trouble with freezing on bmovies. I had to go to youtube to see the ending of Lady Frankenstein.
  • Is there an ending? The version I have on my cheap-o compilation set ends in flagrante de monstro, if you know what I mean.
  • meant to add: I assumed it was the print.
  • Yeah, I never got to see the END end. But on bmovies' player I could only get about halfway.
  • Still, great flick. One of my fave mad scientist movies, actually. I think Cotten was totally drunk throughout.
  • Yeah, I enjoyed it immensely. Except for the monster makeup, but luckily it's not onscreen too long. Ms. Bay is spectacular.
  • Oh yeah. I'm a big Rosalba Neri/Sara Bey fan after that one. :) And what a pervy body-procurment scene... Another good and easily available one with her is The Devil's Wedding Night. It's even on instant Netflix, though you have to sit through some Elvira schtick for it. Still, seems to be uncut.
  • Incidentally, here's a long review I wrote of Lady Frankenstein. Self-link, obviously.
  • Great review, TP, and I second the emotion. The production values, especially the sets and gorgeous costumes, look as high as anything Hammer ever put out. I did think that a consummation to Charles and Tania's marriage was implied by the scene where they were lounging around in her bedroom, in their dressing gowns. Of course, I suppose that in a movie this unafraid to show skin it might be expected that they wouldn't rely on innuendo if they wanted to say something. (Unless they thought the audience would be more appreciative of Rosalba Neri's skin than Paul Muller's.)