February 09, 2007

World Press Photo Awards 2007. The winner, and a few of my favourites: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


  • That photo of Peter Crouch is hilarious. Nice post.
  • He's right about Dr Octopus Crouch. Cheers Bob, top browsing.
  • My favorite photos seem to generally be photos that look fake. I have no idea what that means about me. For example, your favorited number three looks fake to me. It is my favorite of those five.
  • Anybody else find the choice of Winner completely inexplicable?
  • I guessed it was the "holiday in someone else's misery" vibe, mercurious, global jet-set young bourgeois touring the smoking ruins of the Biblical war, that sort of thing. Would agree there was much better, but news editors do seem to like that kind of contrast. You get lots in China of 'peasant has mobile phone!!!" and the like.
  • There are remarkable photographs, there are remarkable events, and there are remarkable photos of remarkable events. I agree that your "3" (above) is great. I also liked the Birds fighting (though I don't think they are "buzzards" unless buzzards means something else in Denmark). I also like this shot because it is very confusing to me and because it captures an essense of the human spirit. This one is just beautiful (I would hang it in my home/office). This one hit me like a brick.
  • Wow.
  • I also like this shot because it is very confusing to me Yeah that's great cropping, it looks like she's holding back a thousand-long queue. If it were a painted image, we would call it surreal, no?
  • He’s big! He’s red! His feet stick out the bed! /The Crouch one is great, indeed. //But then I saw the one mecurious linked to and, well...
  • Not nearly as powerful as the Marine's picture, but still distressing.
  • It was surprising to see so many in black and white and think about how much impact that can have in the medium.
  • Bashi!
  • Holy shit. He looks like Fred Willard.
  • Gomi: My husband (a professional photographer for years) prefers black and white as a format, and I agree that there's something that strips away the surface and draws a viewer in. Somehow black and white seems more true to the essence of the photo. Nevertheless, I'd rather have my family pics in color. I'm shallow. Merc: I'm with you--why did THAT win with so many others that were beautiful/powerful/moving? I do wish the bride were smiling in the picture of the Marine's marriage. It would be less powerful, I'm sure, but.... I wish them happiness. The photo of the paramedics holding up the dead baby for journalists makes me so sad and angry about war. I wish they were cradling the infant in arms. It most likely would have been less powerful, as well as being "done" before, since this pose has me shuddering and will be hard to forget. Still....
  • On a lighter note, I WANT the Serval cat!
  • Beautiful plumage!
  • oooh! pretty kitty :)
  • I wish they'd say where the photos were originally published. I'd like to investigate the stories that went with them.