January 17, 2007

That's so Book! In an interesting technical flavor to linguistics, T9 predictive text on mobile phones is now starting to have an effect on language. For example, 'book' now means 'cool' because when either is entered (2665) into a T9 predictive phone, 'book' is offered before 'cool,' and is now used in place of the latter. via.
  • This is such a weird and wonderfully creative phenomenon, I love it. Bosnia* post, eeq! *There was a trend among friends of mine a couple of years ago to refer to splendidly lovely things as 'cosmic' -- which T9 quickly turned into ...
  • Holy pggt!
  • *doesn't work with her Japanese phone*
  • I was always under the impression that T9 existed as a means of revenge perpetrated by the guys who were routinely stuffed into garbage cans in high school upon the (now) lawyers who did it to them.
  • Amazingly awesome. Ain't language fun? Of course, it's just one more nail in the coffin of any hopes I might have had for ever being book myself, Can't keep up with the whippersnappers.
  • So the "Book of Cool" is really the "Cool Me, Book?"
  • What. The. Dual.
  • From the link: (Anonymous) 2007-01-17 04:58 pm UTC (link) Maybe librarians will begin to rethink cell-phone policies, if they are going to help our cause by associating "book" with "cool"!! lol.
  • Off to drink some adds.
  • "Book" already has an alternate meaning. Like "hurry", as in "we better book down there or they'll be sold out". (Have I just dated myself?)
  • 'tis possible I'm boozed I'm certainly confused for they tell me I'm bookish though I feel halfway to Nanook-ish
  • some T9 programs suggest "riot" when you try to type "pint." As in "Coming down the pub for a riot, anyone?"
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