January 17, 2007

Chimp born at Chimp Haven. But all the males had vasectomies. Added goodness: her name is Tracy.

And her benefactor is Will Robinson. Danger, Danger!

  • Chimp, Chimp Haven, God must love us...
  • That is one adorable baby chimp. And Mom looks pretty happy, too.
  • It's a SIGN FROM GOD!!
  • The Chimp Messiah is born! Too bad the Three Wise Chimps were busy in D.C.... ba-dum-bump. Boy, that Bush, he sucks, what?
  • Mother Teresa?
  • They's all human-lookin'! Hyuh-huuh!! In other news - humans confound themselves, screw up royally.
  • "I think the ceremony will be that particular male having another procedure." Happy Father's Day!
  • I think we all know the answer.
  • Best name for a simian EVER.
  • Swampie: He should have been a little quieter about the whole thing, and then he'd still have...the whole thing.
  • Quieter in what way? Shoulda used condoms? :)
  • Well, it could have been all that struttin' around and hollerin' "Whose your daddy? Whose your daddy? I'M DA MAN!." Dead give away, that.
  • Who's.Who's. Whatever. It's a damn MONKEY already. dammit, I HATE when I read my own typos