November 25, 2006

Silverfish! Adults can hang around for 2 or 3 years, EATING UR BOOKS.

Make your own scented anti-silverfish shelf liners! Here are some pretty silverfish to colour. The Silverfish Gallery (some NSFW) - lots and lots of artistic interpretations of silverfish - nice eye. Last but certainly not least: Coco Silverfish (mildly NSFW), a painting by Susan Radau.

  • Wow! I've seen some silverfish damage to the pages of old books, but nothing that trashed the bindings to the extent the pictures show. Hurray for boric acid! (It also kills those little, smelly, black Argentine ants which seem to be taking over the world when served in a sugar syrup.) (The boric acid. Ants in a sugar syrup are another thing, altogether.)
  • Chomping little bastards!
  • Just keep the borax away from pets and creeping babes.
  • silverfish do swim away so we can read these books another day
  • Seriously creepy bugs. The Community Center used to hold an adults exercise class in an elementary school gym infested with silverfish. I felt it was my mission to stomp the little buggers while doing aerobics to FlashDance
  • The ugliest things so often get the prettiest names: silverfish, dragonflies, purple-assed baboons... ...speaking of which, I have a challenge for you, bees: the Cameroon Red Baboon - perhaps an English sonnet?
  • I'm in ur books, eatn ur books.
  • Well, dragonflies are quite beautiful insects, I think. Though of course they are parasitic on dragons, that doubtless regard them as ugly wee gadflies. contrary Mary of Mother Goose fame could never resist a euphonious name she brushed off her tuffet, she gave him her whey as the Cameroon Red Babboon spider, in great elation, settled himself cozily beside her and laughed like a Canadian loon in the Quebec Nation
  • Oh, my lou! And topical too! )))
  • I LOATHE them. (otoh, I didn't realize that there were people in the world who thought *dragonflies* were ugly!)
  • Wanted to see the NSFW links before they were borked... Too late again! Also: It is approximately 2 inch (1 1/4 cm) long,... Well which is it???
  • I think the 'fish in the first picture would make a great plush toy, about 10" long. Wanted to see the NSFW links before they were borked... Too late again! steps in to help: The Silverfish Gallery eye Coco Silverfish
  • Purple Assed Baboons FTW!
  • None of those links are borked for me; maybe this is a cookie-related thing? Here's one more bit of silverfish artwork that is a little bit inspiring, or tragic, depending how you look at it.
  • Maybe the servers were offline before (I had been getting 404s). All fine now as far as I can see.
  • Yeah, I was getting 404s. Now all groovy. Thanks Vin Ethyl in any case.
  • We had them when I was a wee PatB. I thought they were ghost earwigs. My folks had the house sprayed, and I came running into the kitchen, slipped on the pesticide-wet floor, and wound up in the ER, getting stitches. Explains a lot, dunnit?
  • I've never been bothered by silverfish. Usually only noticed on rare occasion while sitting on the loo... a lonely silverfish goes scampering across the cold bare tiles (surely its toilet paper residue dinner had just been spoiled) into a safe and dark recess. I let 'em go on their merry way. What's a human life to a silverfish's anyhow?
  • If I ever see any in THIS house, human life will be DEATH to silverfish. Gimme the occasional Black Widow than the ravening hordes that are silverfish. SMT, if you lika da fish, you'll lova da earwigs. Can I send you a box? at least they mostly stay outside *shudders
  • There are entirely too many insects that eat books! Booklouse, anyone?
  • Anything is better than the dreaded Bot Fly.
  • I wonder if there are or will be bugs that infest computer towers and live off electrical components and literature files in the form of electrical discharge; some sort of subtle Borgesian beast.
  • You've not heard of computer bugs?
  • Whats a com-pu-ter?
  • I has a cookie.
  • Zing!