November 09, 2006

Gertie the Dinosaur. {warning: long Google video}. An animated movie by Winsor Mccay, creator of Little Nemo. More Mccay animations. It's been a long time since I posted a FPP. Sorry if this is a repeat, or just not up to snuff.
  • This is great - I love Winsor McCay.
  • Isn't there a full-length animated version of Little Nemo - a recent thing, not by McCay himself? I'm sure I've seen one.
  • This is really fantastic. Yes, there was a full length Little Nemo released about 10 years ago. I never saw it, but it looked cheap and condescending. Prior to Gertie, McCay actually DID animate a Little Nemo short, in fact, it may have been the first animated film period. A dvd, Animation Legend Windsor McCay, containing both Gertie and the McCay Nemo short can be found at Slingshot Entertainment.
  • Huh. According to imdb, Ray Bradbury has a writing credit on the recent Little Nemo.
  • Not only did he draw the character thousands of times, he retraced the background each time too; he'd figured out a lot be hadn't figured out cells. Astounding!
  • "BUT he hadn't...." gnrr
  • You wouldn't have thought much writing would be needed to turn a cartoon into an animation... Hey. we need some extra "Oof!" and "Bang!" s in this one - let's get Ray Bradbury in.