June 26, 2006

Herr Bear, we bury ya in Bavaria. "Bruno" -- the first wild brown bear to be sighted in Germany in over 170 years -- was shot dead over the weekend.

Bruno, we hardly knew ye.

  • but...but...I searched for "Bruno"...honest!
  • i think posting something that appeared only in a comment is okay. poor bear...
  • Bavaria is the Texas of Germany. Only their chaps are shorter.
  • bees, I learned that from a Bavarian, who was in Las Vegas to buy a big red (USA made) pickup truck....oh my! why do these rare animal sightings/behavior etc., stories ALWAYS end with "shot 'em dead, mofos!" :(
  • ... neither the locals nor visitors were afraid of him ... So, only bureaucrats feared him? Adminitrators? Someone made this hateful decision. I think Whoever should be strung up. On the grounds they might someday kill someone with a motor vehicle.
  • Bruno, we hardly knew ye. You mean Bearly knew ye! HA! I want one of those t-shirts now!
  • "It's not that we don't welcome bears in Bavaria. It's just that this one wasn't behaving properly," Otmar Bernhard, an official with Bavaria's environment ministry said. Well, okay then. I can't STAND it when wild animals have the nerve to act...wild.
  • Nope. It is exactly that they don't welcome bears in Bavaria. I fling the poo at Otmar, may he rot in hell, and his whole environment ministry with him..
  • He wouldn't wear his beanie or ride his tricycle. They were perfectly justified. bastards
  • Bears were there first, pricks. Now that you've killed them all -- AGAIN -- Bruno has but one choice: to haunt you from beyond the grave!!! Ah-wrooooOOOOOooOOOoooOOOOOOooOOo!!! Think that's scary, kids? Bear ghosts! And not friendly ghosts like, uh, Gaspard! No! Bear ghosts named Bruno! Bruno's a tough-guy bear name! A-A-Ah-wrooOOOOoooOOOooOOOOooOOoo!!!
  • Bavaria is the Texas of Germany. Well, yes and no: True, they are backwards, goofy, xenophobic and mired in outdated ways - but - they do have some redeeming cultural characterisitics, such as weisswurst, brezeln and Oktoberfest. Texas, of course, has absolutely nothing worthwhile to contribute, except ammunition, which they obstinately refuse to use on themselves.
  • So, this means the end to the "Brown Bears Gone Wild in Germany" series?
  • That just sucks.
  • weisswurst, brezeln and Oktoberfest Hey! We've got those things in texas too! (cause of all the 19th century Bavarian immigrants)
  • 1st bear seen in 170 years? He was probably on his way to Harriet the Tortoise's funeral.
  • Hey! We've got those things in texas too! Oh yeah? How about lederhosen, Mr. Big Shot Texas-guy? Thought so.
  • *ducking out of this thread as it seems dangerous to (even us bleeding heart liberal non-gun-toting) Texans*
  • It wasn't staying in its proper place in the woods, out of sight, it was coming out into the open.
  • Bruno the Bear! I mourn for ye Speckled with turd & smelly tho' ye be You ate the hens and drank all the mead And they shot you down like a dog in the street OH FINE BEAR May flights of honeybee sing Thy turd-specked stenchy soul to heaven on a wing When thou art there, to gambol fair and sleep where 'er ye want On this last Sabbath day of June 2006
  • "Laws protecting endangered species prohibit normal hunters from killing the bear," a spokesperson from the Bavarian Environment Ministry told DW-WORLD.DE on Friday. But over the weekend, the government gave a "shoot to kill" order on Bruno. The bear, whose official name was JJ1, was shot in Rotwand in Bavaria early Monday morning. Now, an animal rights group has called for a police investigation into the "premature" shooting of the bear. "We are extremely dismayed that Bruno had to die," the Austrian animal rights group Four Paws said in a statement Monday. I say we pull no punches and send The Duke after 'em. Lazy, weak-minded, flatulent, bureaucratic Bavarian fuckheads. /sputtle
  • Hey, watch it! I'm from Bavaria. Well, actually i'm not. But I could be and then you'd be sorry.
  • Dead is the tortoise, Dead is the bear. One taken by God (A lengthy affair). The other was taken by a shot to the head, Hard to live a long life When the town wants you dead. One life was feted And put on display, The other truncated In a horrible way. The difference it seems Was their dietary mix: Did they choose to eat turnips Or Bavarian chicks?
  • Well done, oh canine one. MonkeyFilter: It wasn't staying in its proper place in the woods, out of sight, it was coming out into the open. Damn those gay bears!
  • A poet's pox on Bavaria! I trust they'll soon be sorrier as every poet execrates this slain bear's unnecessary fate soon Bruno's stuffed carcass goes on display if Bavarian barbarians have their way
  • It still doesn't make any sense why they'd shoot with a bullet and not a tranquilizer unless a) too expensive to move him (yeah right) b) political motivations (??) c) stupid-ass Bavarian idiots running things Still, if the reports of being killed with one shot are accurate, perhaps it's not the worst way to go. Not that that makes it any better. Damned mystery-tinged bear.
  • They wanted to kill him. Because (c) they're Bavarian. And if that's true, Pallas Athena the WWF has lost one supporter here.