November 17, 2005

Sherlock Holmes as he was the first time: Stanford University is now offering print or PDF Sherlock Holmes stories, serialized as they originally appeared in The Strand magazine. It's free! Go here to subscribe to either PDF or newsprint copies mailed to your home. You can also make a donation to support the project. It runs from early January through April--give yourself a little mystery in the new year! via boingboing
  • Damn! 9 minutes late! err . . i mean . . good post ;)
  • Done and done. Thanks patita!
  • yeah, I kept checking with preview to see if I'd been scooped! this will give the folks from the favorite books thread something else to enjoy.
  • Totally, absolutely completely awesome and then some.
  • I love A.C. Doyle, and even though I've read and reread these stories, it will be such a thrill to get them in my mailbox. What a lovely gift, I wish I'd gotten you something, Patita.
  • this is cool, thanks patita. i've signed up for the print version, though i'm not sure they'll send them to europe (there's no entry for country on the form, just state...)
  • you could still get the PDFs, roryk!
  • You monkeys are the best!
  • Cool, thanks for posting this. I just treated myself to a subscription. Can't wait.
  • Hosannahs and ))) to patita!!!
  • the first two printed copies have been mailed, apparently. non-u.s. monkeys can request a full printed set of the series after april 14.