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I mean, you can kind of see it when he gives a scripted speech. The stilted, awkward way he swivels from the left-hand teleprompter to the right-hand teleprompter, never once taking his eyes from the screen. He's wooden and uncomfortable and obviously *heavily* dependent on them. It could mean he didn't rehearse the speech at all or it could mean he is unable to cope with speaking when he can't just make things up in a horrifying stream of consciousness, and has to actually read words.

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Pretty sure he's a Russian spammer.

I am pretty sure a banana isn't an animal, but you work with what you know.

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Extra toast today, because I was extra hungry. Junior Monkey #1 has a girl who's a friend (I don't want to put the words together because it's scary) and they were watching Pirates of the Caribbean last night, and I forgot to eat dinner.

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You really missed out, man. I stretched out my t-shirt with a giant baby bump.

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Aw what a shame. I remember that ship well.
We used to have friends in NZ that lived in a small concrete ship in Picton. It hadn't left the marina in years but it was a cosy home for a family with two kids and a potbellied stove.
I did hear years later that they sailed it to Australia, so clearly it still floated fine. Then.

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Who are you people?

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I have to convince #2 to look at the problem. He is hard to convince right now.

Work? Sure...

Work! Sure?

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The wife of an old friend lost a significant amount of weight, and in photos you would never notice except for the occasional one where the camera angle picks up the excess skin on the back of her upper arms. If you know how to pose and where the best angles are, you can get away with hiding it easily in photos.
Ah man, this is 6 months old.

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Happy quonsday six weeks after the fact.

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outdoor heaters


Well, in my defense... HEY LOOK A SQUIRREL

...oh. So it is.

Mmm. Viscous.

It's not about flinging temperature, rather about viscosity.

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See, we don't have a sidebar now. And no one will know I commented down here.

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Mock mock mock, I just like the word.

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outdoor heaters


This post, like the other one, is hidden but fully available for mocking.

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Oh lordy, it took me way too long to remember my password. I am so embarrassed. This is now hidden from the real internet, but open for mocking.

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