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Spam and other electronic abuses have long been a focus of computer security research. However, recent work in the domain has emphasized an economic analysis of these operations in the hope of understanding and disrupting the profit model of attackers. Such studies do not lend themselves to passive measurement techniques. Instead, researchers have become middle-men or active participants in spam behaviors; methodologies that lie at an interest

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If I knew of such a place I'd direct you overthereses right away, but alas.

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Well, I'm neither USian nor UKian, so what do I know --- but from what i've gathered about the DUP recently, I don't think they're above "Hey thanks for the billion quid bribe, but now get stuffed."

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Samanthe Bee had a completely valid conspiracy theory on this.

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You could buy a t-shirt.
It's not much, but.

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As a non-UnitedStatesian, I can only give you my condolences for the passing of your nation as it once was.
And given the planned backpedaling on climate deals, the world as it once was.


No bananular phone?

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outdoor heaters


This post, like the other one, is hidden
It's awfully visible for something that's hidden.

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... gonna output numerous new acronyms.

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1959 Mystery Deaths of 9 Skiers Still Unresolved

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Time warp

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But wait! There's more!

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