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I'm a little late, but its good to see you back, beeswacky. I hope you've been well.

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A lot of these are absolutely lovely

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I did the "artwork" for a friend's album recently. The album's really good and deserves better than my scrawlings, to be honest (there's some tracks on his myspace page - hackiko and mon amie... are my favourite ones on there)

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Excellent. I'm always too meek and unresearched to dare post over there

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Killing it off felt like choking my only child to death.

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All I managed of my novel was about 1000 words in the end (here, if anyone is interested). Instead of finishing that I just put those short stories I wrote earlier into a magazine instead. How many words does a picture count for again?

I've got a lot of words to write tonight.

That story should probably be paired with this illustration

I wrote another short story. This one is a short and stupid horror story. The beests I'm still no closer to writing any more of my mythical novel.

Nanowrimo has served to remind me that deadlines and schedules are beyond me

Its a bit ponderous

I've basically given up on this now, due to rubbishness. I am sorry. Here's the short story that I wrote, anyway. The River At least I did something, I suppose.

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Its on youtube too, if that helps Apres la pluie

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Maybe I can have one of my characters read the short story out in the middle of the action somewhere

Well, I managed to actually do some writing. Unfortunately it was all on a short story that was completely unrelated to the novel I wonder what it is about deadlines and schedules which make you always do something else entirely?

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I'm not sure its an either/or proposition, really.

Oh, for crap's sake. We need compatible heart, liver, kidney, eye replacements. We need artificial skin for burn victims. How many men out there need a dick replacement? I'm sure it's a real statistically significant number--NOT. There are organs people can't live without, and their looking at...dick replacements. Bet it's a bunch of male scientists working on this one. I wonder if it was a bunch of male scientists working on this one, too Human trials to begin of surgical treatment that could allow women to regrow their breasts after a mastectomy

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I seem to have ground to a halt with this, uselessly. I'll try and write something worthwhile tomorrow, and post some of it here if it isn't too awful.

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Am I allowed to resurrect this thread? I've recently been working on a horror website with a friend. Essex Terror It is incredibly terrifying, obviously

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Okay. Although I started writing it in the first person and it was all a bit rubbish, so I'm going to start again tonight, but this time in the third person. Isn't that interesting?

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