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December 15, 2009

I propose a game. Several years ago, I belonged to an online community which sported a thread of numbers. We started from 1. Most of the first several numbers were simply designated as prime, but when things got into double digits, we found assignations for the numbers. For instance: 23 could just be designated as prime. The next post could have to do with the 24th parallel, or the 24th element, or the 24th Nobel Peace Prize winner, or what 24 cups of flour could be used for (and is divisible by 2,3,6, and 12). 25 (divisible by 5) might talk about what happened in the year 25 C.E., or that there are 25 menus here, or that a 25 cent stamp in Canada looked like this. more inside
Health insurers are paying facebook gamers virtual currency to oppose the US healthcare reform bill. Users of Facebook apps by Zynga (which include Farmville, CafeWorld, Mafia Wars, etc.) earn virtual currency to use in games by following links to various "special offers". Get Healthcare Reform Right offers virtual cash in return for completing a form which is sent to government representatives. Now, in response, Healthcare For America Now has countered with ads of its own.
The CBS blacklist during McCarthy's Red Scare