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November 10, 2006

PC World's 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time more inside
"Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?" That's what Teri Horton said in response to an art teacher who had just seen the painting she purchased for $5 at a thrift shop.
Library and Archival Exhibits on the Web "Explore the rich variety of topics, images, and materials featured in online exhibitions from libraries, archives, historical societies, and museums around the world." Browse by country, institution or alphabetically. Some recent additions. more inside
This is rubbish. Wikipedia rejects.
English Icons more inside
Hijras, or eunuchs are to be used by Indian tax authorities to collect debts. The hiras can be pretty scary, and claim the power to curse or bless. Pictures.
Bus Stop Shelters in Ukraine "Some are frescoed, some are etched, some are tiled mosaics -- all are beautiful. Most have fallen into a state of disrepair because the local governments can no longer afford to maintain them." via This is what the Internets were invented for.
Brian Wilson 1966 Limited Edition Action Figure (Svengali Shrink Action Figure sold separately)
Curious George: unscrupulous online seller. Have you been stung by an internet purchase? Is there any hope of chasing this cyberwretch? more inside