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November 02, 2006

Knots. So do you know how to tie a Bowline? How about the 14-step Munter Mule? Or bunny ears?. Over 75 knots and how to tie them. Knots for climbing, boating, search and rescue. With cool animations you can actually follow. But before you get carried away, remember the nasty truth about knots.
Army Spc kills herself rather than torture. An Army investigation has determined that Army Spc. Alyssa Peterson committed suicide after refusing to participate in torture. more inside
Canine gets caned on toads
Where'd go my Lego? I don't want to alarm anyone, nor start off some kind of panic -- but -- perhaps you should be sitting down. OK. Breathe deeply. You good? Allright, then. There may not be enough Lego for Christmas this year...
Curious George: Cryptic Crosswords? British Riddles? I'm looking for some active online discussion boards focusing on cryptic crosswords or otherwise arcane riddles. more inside
Duck and Cover, Comrade: 1950's-era Polish Civil Defense film strip. more inside
Curious George: Why is Human Cloning a Bad Thing?
A new ocean is forming in the Afar region of Ethiopia, thanks to a veritable earthquake swarm.
Tal Cohen's Bookshelf: A Collection of Personal Opinions About Books. more inside
Confused George: Probability Problem Let's say you see a taxi sideswipe a car late at night. It's a hit and run. The taxi was blue. At least you're pretty sure it was blue... more inside