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June 15, 2006

Thanks. No. At last a solution to the usual friendship-ending requests to stop sending me the fucking badgerbadgerbadgerbadger song.
Screech from Saved By the Bell needs your money to save his home from foreclosure. Or you could, you know, help a starving orphan. Or get yourself a non-fat decaf latte with extra foam.
Think (About Paying Your Workers) Differently. Claudia Joseph's article from the UK's Mail has forced Apple to "look into" allegations of wretched worker conditions. Last year Apple achieved a record billion-dollar profit.... "We have to work too hard and I am always tired. It's like being in the army. They make us stand still for hours. If we move, we are punished by being made to stand still for longer." ... Labor costs in the Chinese factories we traced are ... Pounds 4.20 ($7.74) per iPod.... In Britain they sell for between Pounds 109 ($201) and Pounds 179 ($331). more inside
Hope is Emo. Chapter One: "The Words are Dying". Hope talks about the importance of words and how unfair it is for Marna to go to Senior Prom. [Brought to you by the fine folks at Ask a Ninja]
Tales by H. Beam Piper are now available online. more inside
Jesus Christ Superman: So, yeah, there's this new Superman movie coming out, and in line with the Chronicles of Narnia, the plot seems to be heavily christianized (or gay, as some see it). What gives? And whose idea was it to make another Superman movie without Richard Prior in it?