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January 28, 2006

Singer of Songs John D. Bennett was raised in a family that loves singing. Now he's decided to share his love with the world, with the magic of MIDI backing him up. (You will need quicktime and popups enabled, or you can just download the mp3's.) more inside
Want to know why Republicans believe what they believe? Paul Gilmartin plays a Republican from Ohio taking questions from dirty liberals. Good times. Quicktime required.
Kerry to filibuster Alito. I got a spam about signing the petition, and promptly deleted it. Then I saw that CNN has confirmed it. They also give the phone number to the DNC (202-863-8000). Wait, Democrats growing balls? That goes against everything I've been taught... via Crooks and Liars
Last annoying year-end list. I promise.
Hi, uh, I'm Ernie, and I've... I've got a problem. HI ERNIE! From Pearls Before Swine. more inside
Scandal At Facebook And Myspace? -- Bloggers examine social networks, and much of the evidence seems to point at Myspace and Facebook adware and spyware. Newsfilterish, but these sites affect many people.