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October 14, 2005

I am Librarian, Hear me roar! In which a Librarian uses Library Skills to put the SmackDown on a Junk Faxer, and comes away with a Cessna. via kottke
Dignity in USA Dignity Village. A 'front line' in the reality of America. They are what they say they are, and get it done. Check out JACK TAFARI's stuff.
The Kids In The Hall Season 1 and Season 2 are now available for free viewing on the CBC website, amongst other shows .
GOOMER! El gorron de las galaxias!
Noises off - stage left. Words fail me!
A dab of ephemera for your Friday pleasure: Blossom bears baby boy (with scary pic). Note: scary pic is of Blossom, not of the baby. Also, from the Department of WTF: Blossom has a Ph.D in neuroscience. Gnaw on that.
Meet Cage and Alice!! Testing the effects of habitual cocaine use on animals is NOT SAFE! Someone knows a little to much about habitual massive cocaine use. I wonder why they gave the hamsters opium instead? This is an extremely silly silly cartoon, that gets progressively worse each episode, until the mind altering and bending climax in Episode 5.
Curious George: attachments I am trying to figure out how to allow someone to attach a document. more inside
Amazing. I knew nothing about this. Apparently I was oblivious in 2002. more inside
I Fuckin' KNEW it: Smoking Dope makes your brain cells grow. Maybe.