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April 05, 2005

Tony Blair has announced that a general election will be held on May 5. The BBC's new-fangled blog thing is already up and running. It's going to be an interesting, courteous and fairly fought contest...
Canada's Political Scandal. The Gomery inquiry has received some testimony alleging massive corruption directed by the Liberal Party. The only thing is, the judge slapped us Canadians with a publication ban. Our lips cannot flap over this flap. But hey, call me stoopid, but everyone should know what's going on . more inside
"Funpetgifts.com was one of the first websites in the USA to offer life-size realistic dog breed figurines for sale online as interior / exterior decor accessories in 2001. We are now pleased to announce our newest additions to our online product showroom: Sandicast collectible life-size dog figurines. We also offer a complete line of decorator accents in realistic animal statuary from aardvarks to zebras."
"The party with the best record of serving Republican economic values is the Democrats. It isn't even close." Michael Kinsley parses the 2005 Economic Report of the President and learns that Republicans are the party of big government and deficit spending. more inside
In Russia the government bans VoIP telephony In some countries state operators compete cheap services providers using lobby, pulling strings in the government... And the comsumers have to pay more.
Open Source Web Design Why in hell did I spend 12 hours fucking around in Dreamweaver arguing with CSS to come up with a decent web page design for my blog, when I could have pinched one of these & then tweaked it? Why am I so stupid? Why am I asking you?
Curious George: Firefox + IMBd = poo. Everytime I go on IMBd using Firefox it freezes. Is it just me? *sniff*
Curious George: Mortgages Sad but true, I have a question about boring grownup stuff. Our mortgage has been on a two-year fixed term at around 6.25% and that term is due to expire in June. The current rate our bank is offering, right at this minute, is almost too good to resist (7.5%) because we know rates are going to increase. Should we switch to a new fixed term now and pay the extra interest for a couple of months, or wait and risk getting an even higher rate we're stuck with for two years?
Curious, George: Wirelessly connecting a Mac and PC Help my PowerBook and ThinkPad to become friends. more inside
The ultimate self link... more inside