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April 02, 2005

The pope has died Sorry for the lousy link. This might be updated soon.
Curious George: Tactlessness Curious George: The pope thread reminded me of a rule I have learned in life: in polite conversation, one must never discuss politics, religion or money. So, for fun, why don't we all go around and list our political views, our religious beliefs and how much money we make every year. It will be a glorious experiment.
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Curious George...<i>Rectum!</i> ...Do you have echoes that you hear every damn time in response to particular words or phrases? To illustrate, I swear I cannot hear the word rectum without thinking damn near killed him! or Hey! without thinking hey, you, you, get offa my cloud!, and every time I hear the voice over before Law & Order SVU, where they say "...sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous", my little brain chimes in solemnly with "particularily if they involve the anus". What are yours?