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January 24, 2005

Monkeyfilter nominated for Best Community Weblog
Monkey, Ninja, Pirate, Alien: The role playing game. (To be filed under WTF)
Project Implicit - It seems biases are more prevalent inside us than we imagine, and these tests seem to indicate that they might not be going away any time soon. Related link: WaPo article (very long!) about the phenomenon, the tests, and what it all means. Via The Smoking Room
Curious George Responding Style When you respond to a post or comment made by someone, I am curious as to if you respond to what that person is saying at the moment, or if you respond to them as a collection of past posts that makes up an online persona?
Australians. Can't take 'em anywhere - Look at this photo closely.
Andy Goldsworthy makes art from nature.
Funny Flaps (flash). Also, Willy Wonky.
Make an mp3 player out of a tin of mints. Also check out this post pointing to more resources on building your own mp3 player. via EmptyFree.com
The lucky virgin hammer The excellent flash seizure, the spinning zodiac hands, the iron rabbit frenzy, and the monkey king's turtle slash. All these and more from the Verbal Kung-Fu Generator. more inside
Honey Amber Rose "It is our Mission to Reinvent the Image of Beer and fund the wonderful cause of Womens Entrepreneurial Dreams."
The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience. An in depth analysis on the failure of Evangelical Christians to live up to their religion. On everything from charitable giving, sexual relations, divorce, extramarital sex, pornography, racism and materialism, both the standard Christian and the Evangelical Christian differ very little from the "unsaved". From Christianity Today found via Linkfilter. more inside
The Raiding the 20th Century Expansion! Last year, DJ Food/Strictly Kev released the awesome Raiding the 20th Century mashup (previously discussed here). A year later, he has released an expanded version. Collaborating with Paul Morely, author of the book Words and Music, the goal was to "make the definitive document on cut up music." Seems to me they succeeded. more inside
Carbon monoxide poisioning I need some advice and assistance. While in my basement this evening, I discovered a ventilation pipe coming out of my heater was completely disconnected. I called both the landlord and the gas company and they both came and BOTH stated that it was carbon monoxide coming into our basement. more inside