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January 21, 2005

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FCC Chairman Powell announces His Resignation. Good to see one of the man culprits for the chilling of free speech in the US is resigning. Of course I tremble in fear at who his replacement will be.
London Underground: shoot them all with a rifle UKFilterFor everyone who has ever had to suffer a commute on the London Underground. (Quicktime) Possibly NSFW due to a lot of swearing, although if you have ever had to commute on the London Underground, I'm sure you'll agree that the swearing probably doesn't go far enough.
Anatomy of an excavation contains Howard Carter's written journals and records concerning the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun in the 1920s. It also contains a database of written records and/or Harry Burton's b/w photographs for nearly 600 objects entombed with the boy king (number to the right of the slash indicates number of photos). more inside
Don't step on the rails without authorisation! Fabulous ad for the French railway company. Packed with special effects and dry humor. [QuickTime] (In French but subtitled in English for the language impaired)
Bunny Suicides. Not safe for wabbits.
The Monkey Overlords Are Coming!
The Big Lebowski & Buddhism - The Dude is Buddha, & the movie is about the quest for enlightenment. Maybe. more inside
The Malibu 9 starring: Mr. "Big Pinky" Malibu and his very best friends: The Deepfried Penguin posse. After a late night at the club, the whole crew were on its way home. BUT THERE IS EVIL IN THE NIGHT! Who can be so cruel? There is only one...a bird so mean, cactuses grows in his footsteps...El Flamingo! [FLASH GAME]
Every Nintendo game, from Abadox to Zombie Nation, in Java format.
Ademilton dos Santos The heaviest baby in all of Brazil. more inside
Serious George - Reccomendations on a home alarm system? Hi all, does anyone out there have a suggestion on an (realitively) inexpensive home alarm system. I don't need it to be wired to a security company or the cops since I live in an apartment building with lots of nosey neighbors, but a friend of mine's apartment has been hit a couple of times recently and it made me want to be a bit safer with "my stuff" than I had in the past. I have a cat, so motion detection is out, but I'd like to get my windows and front and back doors on a (hopefully) wireless system and I'd like to keep it cheap (under $200?). Thanks.
Curious George: MonkeyCAD. What free/shareware CAD program might be good for designing a cheap mountain cabin? Something that would let me assemble lumber on-screen in 3D would be cool. Have any of you tinkered with anything in this area?
Beautiful QT Muppet Movie
Words fail me.
Curious George: MonkeyFilter gift swap community I just created this; it's called MonkeyGifts. Would you like to join up for gifty swappy goodness? more inside
Ingenious George' s Freezerburnt Secret ...Cool...and easy to make for free. more inside
Just wanted y'all to know i possess a fine mathowie. A very fine mathowie i might add. In fact, my mathowie's hot!!! It's so hot it's actually on fire!!