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October 07, 2004

What to get for a bedridden coworker A coworker will be bedridden for 6 weeks after having a couple of vertebrae fused. We are putting together a package of things to help her spend her time. I'm at a bit of a loss. Anybody been there or have suggestions? TIA
All the ash from Mount St. Helens could help Bigfoot researchers. I wonder how the Sasquatch Militia feels about this.
Meet an Honourary Monkey.. all he needs now is a banana I know, it's bad taste, and possibly old news, but I still felt strangely compelled to post it...
Clubbing - Norwegian style.
Curious George: online journalism I like the concept of Ohmynews.com. What programs are out there for creating a site like that?
China erects monument for SARS monkeys. Sixteen tons of granite monkey love.
George Bush's Resumé, with sources By a guy who says he supported him in 2000. His explanation for writing the resumé is here: The Forward and also a print version more inside
Leave it to George! Ep. 1 [flash, via screenhead]
Curious George: Computer help. I need to transfer emails from Eudora on a PC to a Mac. I have no clue how to do this. Please hope me! more inside
A wonderful gift ..or perhaps an heirloom for your descendants. As Christmas draws near, a friend has drawn my attention to this charming item. (I notice that someone has zippitied in ahead of me in another place, but you can't have too much culture, can you?) In my day, Mr Potato Head came in kit form and you had to supply your own real potato. Now that was art. more inside
The "Global Test". Members of an international panel appointed by Kofi to study the United Nations' operations say the group hopes to lay down clear rules declaring when it is legal for a nation to use pre-emptive military force in its own defense more inside
What's in a year? Curious George: I notice we're up to 1980 monkeys. Will we get to 2000 by the 1 year anniversary? Do you care? more inside
Read here for details. MonkeyFilter experienced about six hours of downtime today which can be read about in my blog. We've reset MoFi with the most recent forty posts and two thousand comments. This is not an excuse for double posts, monkeys! Let me know if anything's broken. Have a nice day.
Obnoxious George! What is your most obnoxious public habit? By that I mean, something the public is going to see. And what is your most Awwwwwww! inspiring trait? Something cute, but that other people secretly think you are a nutjob for doing. 1. Yelling out my window at people doing dumb stuff. All I'm missing is the creaky front porch, rocking chair, and gnarled walking stick to shake. 2. Pick up and move to safety virtually any critter in danger of getting squashed on the sidewalk, including slugs. I draw the line at babies.
The days of saying "the check won't be cashed until thursday, which gives me time to deposit money in the account on wed." are over... there's a new rule that'll cut that whole 3 day process to just about 1! This sux the Nth power...particularly since that's the only reason why I use checks at all...to get that 3 day buffer, and scrape up some money. does this affect anyone else? or is it just me, the broken, the poor, the college student?
Photography of David Maisel.