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June 15, 2004

Some insane guy selling a million retro computers on eBay. Excuse the hyperbole, but that's a lot of stuff. Quirky little auction. Paging everyone who lives in Wales! [Via Gizmodo.]
Chambers' Book of Days (1864) is a partial (24 December through 12 July, at present) OCR of a nineteenth-century Almanack or Daily Reader. I also offer an 1879 edition (scanned, not searchable). more inside
Bembo's Zoo - Font Flash Alphabet Art (with sound). As always, 'X' is a bit lame. 'M', of course, rocks.
monkeyfishing n. to catch fish by charging water with an electric current then netting the stunned or panicked fish which rise to the surface. more inside
Feel-good site o' the day: "At do-gooder.org, we focus on short-term, measurable projects -- small projects that can be completed -- such as sending 500 books to a library that has been flooded, sending 600 pairs of mittens to orphans in Kazakhstan, sending art supplies to children in Bolivia, providing web design or other media services to a struggling rural cooperative, or volunteering to teach basic computer skills to women in Appalachia." It doesn't collect money, rather you send money or goods directly to each project.
Jesus is just alright with me... (last link NSFW if you start poking around beyond the main page)
curious george : i need to find multiple sound effects of mobile phones ringing but not with recognisable songs as tones more bleeps and blops for a show i'm directing. any one know of good sfx sites
Go Soundwave! Go Soundwave! It's your birthday! - Flash fun for this Not Friday
George Lucas owes somebody royalties.
Tomorrow is Bloomsday 100. Bloomsday. Bloomsday. Bloomsday. Bloomsday. Bloomsday. Bloomsday. Bloomsday. Bloomsday. Not that Bloomsday. ... but nothing in the UK, apparently?
Striking photos of Kamchatka. more inside
via BLORT, so you can just imagine. "Didn't know I could do that, did you?"
The International Necronautical Society “We, the First Committee of the International Necronautical Society, declare the following:- 1.That death is a type of space, which we intend to map, enter, colonise and, eventually, inhabit. more inside
Breaking News This just in. Ronald Reagan is still dead.
Bilingualism: antidote for senility? According to the researchers cited, bilingual people do better on cognitive tests. They didn't study people who learned a second language as an adult, though.
Shirin Ebadi, the first Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize, says the Bush administration has made her work of promoting democracy and human rights harder by invading Iraq.
212-479-7990 more inside
We All Hate Mondays... This is the best explaination for Garfield ever.