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February 10, 2004

Can philosophers help handle terror? A book review of Philosophy in a Time of Terror, by Giovanna Borradori. Via Arts and Letters Daily.
The Meaning of Life Everyone (including) tells me how great this link is. What am I missing here? Some interesting art, baaaaaaaaaad poetry, and old, O*L*-D, WAY OLD absolutely ORFFAL rock&roll to inspire you. Monkey chatter?
"The maxi pads woke me in the middle of the night. I saw maxi-pads as coasters, maxi-pads as rug stoppers, maxi-pads doing everything but the darn dishes. Hey, wait a minute _ I bet they COULD do the darn dishes!"
The Bathroom Diaries Would that I had known of this resource when I lived in NYC.
The Physics of Cows. "Eventually, this vast and ever-growing cube of meat will implode under its own gravitational force, forming a singularity. This is why, as every astronomer knows, the surface of every black hole is always a cow." [Flash.]
Monkeys helping people
The Candy Wrapper Museum. Old Favorites and Strange New Ones. more inside
The Mao of Pooh. Disappointed with the bourgeois drivel that passes for children's fiction these days, a Turtle Collective has formed to combat the indoctrination of our youth with a series of heartwarming tales involving a bear, his best friend Christopher Robin, and socialism with Chinese characteristics.