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February 07, 2004

Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life A serialized graphic novel. With robots! Yay! It's good.
From the Pigeons Viewpoint: After a ten-year study, scientists conclude pigeons navigate by using landmarks such as highways and railroads. (It has been known for some time that pigeons use magnetic and celestial patterns to find their way}.
Atrios Tires of the Pro-War Hypocrisy Atrios writes a suberb essay on how the violence is getting worse in Iraq and the hypocrisy the the pro-war people. He targets warbloggers, Paula Zahn, Andrew Sullivan, Ahmed Chalabi, Jim Hoagland and liberal hawks. It's aided and abetted by the "liberal hawks" who for the most part seemed to just want to prove they have bigger testicles than the rest of us. But, why the hell should anyone listen to them? They were wrong, and I don't really care about reading their tortured essays of self-evaluation. I say it didn't matter whether or not Saddam Hussein had WMD. The Bush administration don't need a reason 9in their collective minds.)
I knew science would explain this.
Create your own conspiracy theory. Or try the Warner Bros. option, the pull-down menus, or the Internet Conspiracy Generator. Or, lastly, the George W. Bush Conspiracy Generator.
419! Small wonder these Nigerian types keep sending those stupid emails: the returns can be spectacular!
Thanks for the Memories: a whimsical and charming Flash perspective on our ties to Saddam Hussein. Enjoy.
Qwerty. [more inside]
Valentine's Day Cards For The (Dis)Enchanted. {via Boing Boing}
Quality Control. The plant was also perturbed that they "did not hear the title in some songs." It seems that a logical doublecheck for most WEA manufactured albums is to match up the lyrics with a tracklist of titles. It had to be explained that the songs on this album don't necessarily feature the titles shouted out in the choruses. . . . Manufacturing was undertaken at the customer's risk. An amusing story from Damon and Naomi's website. more inside
What the hell? Anyone wanna buy a Bulgarian scammer? Only 25 available...