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November 28, 2003

Filter 2.0 I think that MoFi gives us a great opportunity to not just replicate Mefi, but to improve on it. How would you make the concept of the Filter better - radically, not just incrementally better? How can we recombine the concept with other technologies, mutate it, or maybe even strip something away to radically improve it? Or maybe, simply, you do want MoFi to be the same old Filter. Either way, let's discuss it here.
"Hit Song Science," an application that can analyze a song and determine it's "hitability." The company's website is worth poking around in as well. Does this scare anyone else?
I say we mutiny! Wouldn't it be interesting if once MeFi started "inviting" new members from Monkeyfilter... we all just said, "Oh, no thanks, we're having fun over here by ourselves." And then we close Monkeyfilter membership to anyone from MeFi. Heh.
Mappalujo. A story/writing experiment by Jeff Noon and Steve Beard. Created using these rules.
Through the eye of a Mac browser Deprived of a Mac? See how your site looks in Safari.
The first case of homosexual necrophilia in the mallard Anas platyrhynchos This link goes to an abstract from the totally legit Netherlands nature journal Deinsea. The actual article can be found here (warning: .pdf), or at the Google cache. more inside
Historic tale construction kit [needs Flash] construct your own storys
Codex SERAPHINIANVS Strange and Extraordinary Representations of Animals and Plants and Hellish Incarnations of Normal Items from the Annals of Naturalist/Unnaturalist Luigi Serafini. Rather strangely beatiful works of art.
I have a crush on Dora Dare.
Little Red Riding Hood and her furry friends. If someone can explain what the hell this is about, I would be grateful. [Quicktime.] [Via Boing Boing.]
Band-aids are so pass
Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Pirated MP3s "Do not be frightened, young children, I am Lars Ulrich, powerhouse drummer for Metallica, and we are needing your help, Encyclopedia Brown."
chemical in turkey makes me sleepy