October 07, 2005

Canadian Pulp Fiction, 1940 - 1952

Fifteen cents. That was the price of admission to a garish world of purple prose and smoking guns. Of square-jawed cowboys, relentless Mounties and world-weary police detectives. Of time travel, eldritch horrors and far-flung planets. Of bawdy cartoons, tragic love, romantic lumberjacks and women both virtuous and vengeful. Uncanny Tales and Startling Confessions! Some Full-length magazines, too. See also: Beyond the Funnies Canadian True Crime Magazines

  • "We are swimming in American cultureā€¦ It's important that we explore our own popular culture. Even if it's seedy." Michel Brisebois, rare books curator for the National Library of Canada Bwa-ha-ha-ha! Nice find, islander! )))
  • i totally dig the art work of pulp fiction and comics of back in tha day, specially all those hot hotties in drama mama poses..thanx islander!
  • Great link. And I'm loving the site design as much as the content.
  • Nice one islander. First time i've heard about the Fulton Act. I like the graphics style from the 50s, it was stark and in-your-face.
  • ...Even if it's seedy. Funny that he felt he had to add that....
  • Beehips: What hot hotties in GramMa mama poses? *reads again* *blushes* Oh, ummm, never mind.